exploreHD Control Driver Release

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce our brand new fully custom web based driver solution to control the exploreHD.

Below is a screenshot of the UI with two exploreHD cameras connected while the driverui id running.


  • Set the bitrate
  • Turn off H264
  • Change H264 mode
  • Fully resilient - can handle unplugging and replugging of devices
  • index based saving - will always load the correct settings even if the usb port is changed

The installation instructions are documented on our github on which we have developed a simple process to instal the controls, https://github.com/DeepwaterExploration/exploreHD_Controls/.

The software can be installed on its own or alongside ArduSub companion allowing any existing customer of the exploreHD or HDCam to upgrade their system. After installing you can navigate to the ip of the Raspberry Pi on port 5000. On most ROV platforms this will be or http://companion.local:5000 (if you are using the ArduSub companion BETA).

We will be continuously tweaking and improving this software as well as improving its documentation. We plan to add full streaming support as well as additional functionality for other deep-sea robotics cameras


This is amazing! Congrats @Brandon and DWE sw team!